5 Most Popular Dieting Mistakes

gym_needs_meAs we all know, dieting is one of the three primary pillars of losing weight, gaining muscle, and bettering your overall physique; the other two include a consistent workout regimen and proper supplementation. Dieting, however, is often the hardest of the three to maintain, improve upon, and master. For one, if you aren’t seeing the results you set out for in the early stages, you may be discouraged and discontinue your healthy eating habits. This, along with a plethora of other mistakes, which we’ll list below, are the most common reasons that you, and a majority of those looking to lose weight by way of dieting, have such a poor relationship with their diet. The five reasons below are some of the most common nutrition and dieting mistakes, which yield failing results for those looking to lose weight.

Believe it or not, your day-to-day dieting doesn’t have to be dreadful. In fact, it can and should ultimately become a standard lifestyle change, one that allows you to feel healthier, stronger, and more accomplished.

Mistake #1:

Your caloric intake is far too low, for far too long

It’s quickly become common knowledge that in order to lose weight, you must change your caloric intake. Unfortunately, a lot of people take this to concept too far, depriving their bodies of essential fats and proteins, which they ultimately need in order to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.  Dieting actually induces a stressful process for your body, which leads to the release of a stress hormone known as Cortisol. Cortisol is actually good for fat metabolizing, but prolonged periods of cortisol release can actually have adverse effects on your body, and result in excess fat storage in the stomach region! We recently read a study from 2013 that stated, “long-term extreme diets, although good for your body composition, don’t necessarily have positive effects on your overall health.” Our recommendations for battling this all-too-common mistake is to “cycle” your dieting. For example, diet on for 6 weeks, then diet off for 1-2 weeks, to allow your body to recover from the stress experienced during your diets.

Mistake #2:

Underestimating protein intake

One of the most basic facts about protein is that it is absolutely essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. If you’re not getting enough protein, whether via protein shakes or food, it will be incredibly hard to not only gain muscle, but to also keep the muscle that you have already worked so hard to develop.  We typically recommend consuming upwards of .5 – 1 gram of protein per pounds, per day. Which, may seem like a lot, but considered the benefits that it provides to your body, and the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass, it becomes crucial for those looking to improve their results. We understand that every body is different, based on gender, age, genetics, fitness level, and goals. Our recommendation is simple; regardless of what type of diet you’re current on, or planning to start, be sure to maintain and/or even increase the amount of proteins consumed on a daily basis. Check out this article on the best protein powder for weightloss.

Mistake #3:

Stick to one plan at a time

When dieting, it becomes very easy to jump from plan to plan, especially if you aren’t seeing the results that you initially set out to achieve. With all of the diet hype on TV and on the Internet, it’s easy to get caught up in the newest craze, and abandon your current diet and action plan. Every diet, and their results, are different for everybody. That’s no secret. There are hundreds of variables, like body composition, genetics, age, height, body fat percentage, etc. We recommend choosing a diet plan, whichever one it may be, and sticking with it for at least 10-12 weeks to give it the opportunity to run it’s course and give you the opportunity to yield results. We only recommend changing diets sooner if, of course, you have some type of bad reaction to the dieting.

Mistake #4:

Believing all of the “hype”

Whether you’re reading a newspaper or magazine, listening to the radio, or watching the television, you’re bound to come across numerous advertisements with promises of a “magic pill” or a “quick fix”. Don’t believe all of the hype. And, if you come across anything that promises to burn fat and give you washboard abs in a couple of days, run the other way! The truth is simple; actually, any type of weight loss, whether it’s 5 pounds, or 50 pounds, takes commitment, discipline, and time. It really is that simple. We recommend finding a nutrition plan that helps you to feel good and honest about your weight loss, stick to a simple plan that improves not only your health and body composition, but also your mind and your mood. The best way to think about a new nutrition plan is to think about it as apart of your lifestyle plan.

Mistake #5:

Not having an “I blew it” mentality

If you’ve ever attempted a diet before, than you know that it’s extremely hard to stay true to course within your nutrition plan 100% of the time. If you stray from your plan, it’s okay! Don’t panic if you aren’t’ perfect with your eating habits. Healthy eating is a habit, a lifestyle, not a chore. If you fall victim to treating your food and your eating habits like a chore, you ultimately begin to resent your relationship with your food (as odd as that may sound), you begin to feel guilty and begin to feel like a failure. Instead, understand that you don’t have to be 100% perfect with your diet, as long as you’re making improvements and cutting out as much of the unhealthy foods as possible. Our recommendation is very simple for this; ditch the “all of nothing” mentality. Nutrition is, like we’ve said above, a lifestyle change, so allow yourself to ease into it  and to understand that one bad meal, or even and entire bad day or eating, doesn’t ruin your end goal!

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8 Brain Boosters

beautiful brain imageYou have the power to do whatever you want. After a late night and you decide to sleep in and miss your workout, whose fault was that? When you had a rough day at the office and you decide to stop by that greasy take-out place on the way home, whose fault was that? Difficult situations always present themselves but it is your brain and your mind that decides how you handle them. A late night or a rough day at the office will never “make” you do anything you don’t want to do. In the end, you are the one controlling your own life and the sooner you realize that, the better.

The following eight tips will help you get a grasp on the power of harnessing your brain and your thoughts. Also, be sure to get yourself one of these best value omega-3 supplement.

1. Establish a Forward Momentum

It is much easier to stay on track 100% of the time than stay on track 99% of the time. The second you start to munch on some ice cream, you’ve put the brakes on your goals. Don’t give in ever, and you’ll see that it will become easier and easier to stay on track.

2. Talk Out Loud

Sometimes, what we tell ourselves in our head is not strong enough. Verbalizing what we think helps us to commit to what we’re planning. Tell yourself, your friends, and your loved ones what you plan on doing and how you’re going to do it. The commitment will stack up.

3. Thrive off Small Successes

Every time you are successful, ENJOY IT! You finished a workout? Congratulate yourself. You turned down the more tasty option for a healthier alternative? Good freakin’ job. Be proud of yourself and the changes you make on a small level.

3. Remove doubt

Doubt is the seed of failure. If you are unsure of whether something will work or not, it likely won’t. If you don’t know if you’ll have time to go to the gym today, you probably won’t. If you are uncertain whether you can do 12 reps, you’ll probably do 11. Removing doubt is the first mental obstacle in accomplishing anything.

4. Confront Failure Face to Face

It’s not bad to fail. What’s worse than failing is never trying. Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to try in the first place. Those two ideas go hand in hand.

5. Confront Failure Face to Face

It’s not bad to fail. What’s worse than failing is never trying. Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to try in the first place. Those two ideas go hand in hand.

6. Don’t Make a Plan B

If you have created a plan B then you are already setting yourself up for using it. The moment you allow yourself to believe that plan A is the only plan acceptable, only then you will fight for it.

7. Don’t Allow Anyone to Set Your Goals

You are the master of your own life. If you are working out with someone, don’t settle for their minimal gains. Push yourself to what you know you can achieve.

8. Harness Negative Thought

Are you consumed with thoughts like “look at the flab on my arm”? Everyone has a unique body, use it to drive positive thoughts like “i’ve got a body that’s perfect for putting on muscle.” Use the negative thoughts you generate to create a positive projection.

With the eight steps above you’ll see a dramatic change in the way you think and act when it comes to working out.